Order first-class conference room in Chisinau

Business activity always involves the necessity to organize conferences and meetings with partners. Organization of seminars, presentations and regular business meetings - all these takes part from the basis of modern business culture. Therefore, rent of conference hall is a special service that is needed by all businesses without exception. Order the first-class conference room in Chisinau and it will be an important pass to get success in any from any upcoming meeting. 

The room is connected to the air conditioning system, ventilation and fire protection that guarantee the comfort and safety of stay of all participants of conferences and meetings. In addition, our conference hall is equipped with modern engineering systems, capable to provide uninterrupted connection to the power lines and high-speed wireless internet. In addition, IPTEH conference room is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Projector.
  • Projection screen.
  • Flip-chart.
  • TV / video / DVD.
  • WiFi.

In the same building is cafe-bar, which is at your disposal.

Price: 15 Euro / 1 hour; 110 Euro / 1 days.
Prices quoted include VAT.

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