Equipment of IPTEH offices. Fully equipped commercial spaces for rent

The building is equipped with:


  • For the convenience of the customers were installed three lifts for passengers ”IGV S. p.a.A.” produced in Italy with the capacity of 630 kg.
  • For special needs has been installed and an elevator freight train ”MACPUAR TO” of Spanish production.

Automated system for signaling the fire alarm

 For the security of the fire alarm in each office, corridors and spaces use common detectors are installed fire. Each floor is arranged with 3 Fire hydrants, which are permanently under pressure and they are ready at any moment to be put into operation.

Video monitoring

 - video monitoring system All the building : hallways, corridors, yard as well as their corresponding territories are under monitorizzare video 24/24 hours, thus ensuring a major security property of the tenants. All equipment is of the latest generation, produced by Hikvision , a top manufacturer of equipment of this type.

An autonomous boiler room

 The heat required tenants, is produced by the boiler room of its own, that being equipped with boilers with burners Lamborghini, what allows achieving an efficiency effectively, it has a reserve of production quite high, so that regardless of the temperature outsid


e, our clients will have a comfortable atmosphere in its offices.

The system of ventilation

 The building is endowed with a system of ventilation modern consisting of two networks : efulare and discharge, which produces the exchange of fresh air throughout the building, reaching every office in part in accordance with sanitary norms in force.

Air conditioning

The air-conditioning environment in the building is obtained with the help of the equipment of cooling model ”York ” , which have a high capacity to work and cope with the conditions of the local climate, such in as much as the tenants have comfortable conditions for conducting the activity.

ventilation systemEquipment