Do you want to order office at IPTEH business center? We offer the best office rent services

The building was built according to a special project, so at the moment has a seismic resistance of 7-9 degrees magnitude on the Richter scale.

Though the offices, which they rent, are standards sizes, 36m2, there is the possibility to offer rent space from 36m2 up to 256 m2, which can be arranged in a single space type ”open space”. 

Also we offer in rent of offices in the short term at 24 hours, furnished and equipped with the technical office( printer, telephone, fax), internet access, wi-fi , parking on the time of day.

office rentoffice

The building is equipped with:

- central air conditioning system – automated,which ensures the maximum comfort for each office .

- ventilation system - works in automatic mode ,ensuring permanent offices fresh air.

- automated system for signaling the fire alarm, which is interconnected to the fire alarm system of the state, so it ensures protection increased of fires and a response current of the respective services.

- video monitoring system – the domestic spaces of the hallways, stairs, corridors, parking and their corresponding territories are monitored non-stop, giving an additional protection of the goods.

- conference room for 25 people, equipped with technical equipment nesecar for the party conferences at the highest level

- cafe

- engineering networks performance

-  electrical network - designed for each office separately, ensuring a high degree of autonomy, equipment protection and technological security. Lighting is carried out using LED technology.

- internet access-high speed are present the largest internet–providers in Moldova, so that our customers have the freedom of choice .

- parking in the courtyard of the building, secured with video surveillance non-stop .

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business centre in ChisinauOffices in Chisinau

The list of tenants

  • S.R.L. "Maxiteh-ST"
  • S.A. "Moldcell"
  • S.R.L. "Inter-Terminal"
  • S.R.L."Allied Testing-M"
  • S.R.L."Deloitte & Touche"
  • S.R.L."Aspect"
  • S.R.L. "Birotic Grup"
  • Î.C.S."Avon Cosmetics (Moldova)"S.R.L
  • S.R.L."Nelli Stil"
  • Reprezentanta din RM "Chemtura Europe Limited"
  • S.R.L."Intracom Telecom Solutions"
  • S.R.L."Tektronix Communication Engineering"
  • S.R.L."Iuventus-DS"
  • Biroul Asociat de avocaţi "Durleşteanu & Partners"
  • Reprezentanța din Moldova "Roche Products Limited" S.R.L.
  • S.R.L."A.C.I.Partners"
  • S.R.L. "Consumex"
  • S.R.L. "Dimac Ventures"
  • S.R.L. "Centrul de Tehnologii Financiare"
  • S.R.L. "Unimoda"
  • S.R.L. " Project Consulting Network "
  • S.R.L. " Asseco See "
  • S.R.L. "Eyecon Medical"
  • Reprezentanța din Moldova a Corporației "Chemonics International Inc"
  • Î.C.S. "Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners" S.R.L.
  • Î.C.S. "Star Storage" S.R.L.
  • Î.C.S. "British American Tobacco" S.R.L.
  • BC "ProCredit Bank" S.A.